Is Organic Baby Food Worth the Higher Price?

Is organic baby food worth the higher price or is it ok to stick with non-organic supermarket baby food for baby?

In the UK, if you are a retailer, products can be labelled as organic if at least 95% of the farm grown ingredients are organic. Organic foods are grown or processed without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. The idea is that by feeding your baby organic baby food you will be limiting their exposure to these substances.

Is Organic Baby Food More Nutritional than Non-Organic Baby Food?

organic baby foodThe difference in nutrition levels in organic baby food is debatable but further studies are needed on this leaving it fairly inconclusive. So in terms of nutrition it is difficult to determine whether there are differences between the two. But if you are looking to lessen your baby’s exposure to residues which can be left on food after they are sprayed with chemical pesticides then that is the personal choice of people who are choosing to go for organic baby food. However, it should be noted that there are no claims or guarantees that organic foods are safer or more nutritious than non-organic baby foods.

Some parents choose to go for organic baby food because it is more friendly to the environment and avoids the use of harsh chemicals in the environment. Others prefer organic baby foods because they say it simply tastes better and if you have a baby that is a picky eater, then this may be a good way to get baby to enjoy her food.