Healthy Organic Baby Foods

Organic baby food tastes better without the inclusion of sweeteners. This especially applies to the fruits and vegetables. Baby is also more likely to accept these foods without a hassle thus leading to a well-fed, happier and healthier baby.

If you want to avoid the use of preservatives altogether – there are many recipes and tips on how to prepare your own baby food from home ensuring you know exactly what is going into their food.

Which Organic Baby Foods Can I Feed My Baby?which organic foods can I feed my baby

  • Milk and cheese. These are rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Milk is well known to contain many nutrients as opposed to other foods. Ensure you boil the milk to pasteurise it.
  • Pumpkins have sufficient nutrients and are easy and fast to prepare
  • Unsweetened yoghurt. Sweetened substance are already exposed to chemicals and are not recommended for a baby’s digestive system
  • Mashed egg yolks. Yolks are rich in proteins and vitamins. Avoid the egg white
  • Fresh fruits such as bananas and pawpaw. Simply puree them into a soft liquid
  • Legumes (beans, peas, and lentils). Though they contain high levels of nutrients, it is important that they are consumed with a limitation to prevent your baby from becoming gassy.

You can be creative and prepare different baby food recipes with the available foods. Gradually introduce different suitable foods to your baby and observe to identify his reaction. This will help you identify what he likes and avoid what he does not. Remember, the key objective is to ensure a healthy happy baby with a variety of nutrients.