Should I Feed My Baby Organic Baby Food?

Mothers are very sensitive over whether to feed baby organic baby food or whether they should stick with non-organic supermarket baby foods, or even prepare their own baby foods. Which baby foods mothers give to their babies is a big decision to make and an understanding of what is in their food is essential.

feed baby organic foodOrganic versus non-organic baby food is a hotly debated topic Рsome saying the link between health benefits is tenuous. Some mothers choose to feed baby organic baby food because they want to avoid any residue left over from pesticides that may be there from the harsher intensive farmed foods and others because it is kinder to the environment. Other mothers just say that organic foods taste better and baby prefers it.

We have to state at this point that research hasn’t necessarily shown organic foods to be more or less nutritious than non organic and there are no claims that it is safer (taken from The Mayo Clinic website).